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Welcome to

survivors! KRAFTON strives to provide an inclusive, welcoming, and respectful space for ALL survivors, so please read below before going on any of our official community and social channels. Please note that this information is in addition to our in-game rules of conduct. Please read this for more details.


  Be a good teammate:   Simply put, be a good sport! The golden rule is to treat others how you would like to be treated, and that is what we believe in. We’re a large community with varying levels of experience, so treat everyone with respect and be courteous to others.


  Respect your fellow

survivors:   Together we are stronger. Our community is made up of a diverse group of survivors from different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, so discuss, debate and disagree, but always do so appropriately and with respect.

Promote a fair environment:  

Help keep our community free from fraud and exploitation. If you discover or suspect that someone has violated these rules, please report them through the appropriate channels so that we can follow up.

   Stay on topic:

   We do our best to maintain a clear structure in our conversations on our community channels, so it is very important to stick to the topic!

 Request    assistance  :

  Our community managers and administrators are here to help. They can help provide important feedback to KRAFTON, so use them as a resource. Our community managers receive many different messages every day, so please use the appropriate channels for feedback. More importantly, please always be nice to them (they are great) – at the end of the day they are here to help you!


 Discrimination: Do   n’t be a bully. The strength of our community is that we are a large and diverse group with different backgrounds and experiences. It is unacceptable to disregard others because of their race, gender, nationality, etc., or to use offensive words. Please be kind and respectful of all survivors.

 Toxic Behavior: 

  Similar to the above, be mindful of your words and interactions and do not encourage others to engage in toxic or negative behavior. Personal attacks, discriminatory, racist, sexist, disruptive and harassing language or interactions of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes the use of inappropriate nicknames on our channels and disruptive activities such as spamming.

Promoting an Unfair Environment: 

 Both in our community and in the game, cheating has no place on the battlefield. We have a zero tolerance policy in this regard, which includes engaging, encouraging, explaining and promoting fraud.

 Sharing illegal content: 

  Help make our battlefields a safe place! If it’s illegal in real life, it’s taboo in our community. This includes distributing and promoting illegal software, instructions on how to use illegal software or files, and links to illegal software. This includes all forms of fraud and misrepresentation. So please do not pretend to be a representative of the company or to act on behalf of KRAFTON.

Information  spoil   

 We look just like you disclose on new information, but data-driven content are prohibited on all our channels, as they may spoil future updates for players with incomplete or no contextual

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