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Capture moments in iPhone 13 camera quality

iphone camera configuration for iPhone 15 Pro – iOS 15 Camera Effect is a free photography companion developed by Birthday Wishes. This simple tool provides you with extensive camera tools and features that can definitely improve the quality of your subject content.

iphone camera configuration for android

Aside from the camera utilities, the Camera for iPhone 13 Pro – iOS 15 Camera Effect app is equipped with editing tools and filters that can significantly improve the aesthetics of your images and videos. It also promises you high-resolution content to export. For similar applications, see Camera for iPhone 13 Pro or Camera for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Feature-rich camera app
Camera for iPhone 13 Pro – iOS 15’s camera effect gives you three types of shooting modes – Camera, Video and Square – that you can use depending on the mood of the subject you want to convey. In camera mode, you can capture moments with PHONE 13 mini CAMERA. If you want to take self-portrait photos, the Phone 13 Pro’s HD selfie camera is also available.

This particular recording type has live and night mode camera effects. For videos, you can easily film with the PHONE 13 pro Max VIDEO HD. What’s even more amusing is that it also allows you to click photos while taking them. For square shooting mode, there is also a PHONE 13 SQUARE OS 15 tool that allows you to quickly capture iPhone XS Max camera quality square images.

Iphone camera configuration for android download

In addition to comprehensive camera shooting modes, this suite offers you a variety of filters and beauty effects to further beautify your photos. In fact, an automatic facial beauty feature can optionally be applied to your subject immediately. In addition, the automatic flash function can be turned on or off as needed. However, deeper camera effects such as slow motion, time lapse or panorama are not supported here.

Impressive replacement for standard mobile cameras
Despite some drawbacks with advanced camera effects, the “Camera for iPhone 13 Pro – iOS 15 Camera Effect” mobile pack is still a great companion if you want to achieve iPhone camera quality. There are no additional fees or hidden fees. You can capture and save images in iOS 15 and iPhone 13 quality for free. In addition, simple effects are also included that you can use to enhance your images.

Change advanced camera settings on iPhone

Learn about advanced camera features  that help you take photos faster, give your photos a customized and enhanced look, and display content outside the camera frame.

Change the resolution of the main camera

On iPhone 15 models, the main camera resolution is set to 24 MP by default. You can switch between 12MP, 24MP and 48MP.

Go to Settings   > Camera > Formats > Photo Mode, then select 12MP or 24MP.

To shoot at 48MP resolution, go to Settings   > Camera > Formats, then enable Resolution Control or Pro RAW & Resolution Control (depending on model).

On iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, after turning on Pro RAW and resolution control, you can choose the default format; Tap Pro Standard, then select an option. Open Camera  ,  then tap the switch at the top of the screen to turn the selected format on and off. Touch and hold the switch to select a different format.

For more information about customizing the main camera on iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, see  Customize the main camera lens  .

Toggle View Out of Frame off and on again

On  supported models  , the camera preview displays content outside the frame to show you what can be captured with a larger field of view by using a different lens in the camera system. Show Outside Frame is enabled by default.

To turn off Show Outside Frame, go to Settings    > Camera, then turn off Show Outside Frame.

Toggle Prioritize Faster Photography off and on again

The Prioritize Faster Capture setting changes the way images are processed. This allows you to take more photos when you tap the shutter button quickly. Prioritize Faster Shooting is enabled by default.

To turn off Prioritize Faster Shots, go to Settings    > Camera and turn off Prioritize Faster Shots.

Turn lens correction off and on again

On  supported models,  the Lens Correction setting adjusts photos taken with the front camera or ultra-wide camera for more natural results. Lens correction is enabled by default.

To turn off lens correction, go to Settings    > Camera, then turn off lens correction.

Turn scene detection off and on again

On iPhone 12 models, the Scene Recognition setting can detect what you’re taking a photo of and apply a tailored look to highlight the scene’s best qualities. Scene recognition is enabled by default.

To turn off scene detection, go to Settings    > Camera, then turn off scene detection.

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