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 AMOS App is Snap best way Friends fun app is an excellent Android Mobile Application under the label Social Networking available for download through Google Play Store and iOS App Store from. Andi Muco is the creator of this fantastic application. According to the most recent statistics from the AMOS Create New Snap Friends download page the amazing mobile application is rated 4.53821 from 1204 people around the world.

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I’m sure you’ve already concluded from the title that this post is the app’s review. We will give you the most accurate, complete the most crucial details on AMOS the app that is a brand new Snap Friend Create app. We’ll start without wasting any time.

 AMOS make New Snap Friends App is a mobile app that can be downloaded for free for smartphones. It has received 4.53821 ratings from 1204 people around the world. It works with nearly the entire range of iOS and Android tablets, mobile phones. It was developed by Andy Muko on 2020-02-08 at 08:00:00 for the most recent 1.4 downloads. AMOS believes in real relationship , not simply making unrelated “friends” to Snapchat. Our aim is to assist you in creating genuine and lasting relationships.

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It’s interesting to see that there are numerous apps available today. It’s easy to find the latest applications using apps like the Google PlayStore, Apple App Store and many other. Playstore along with the App Store offer a platform for companies, developers, and users to showcase their diverse apps. The average user can download the application through Google Play Store. Google Play Store. Apart from being an application platform that allows users to download applications, the advancements in technology for computers as well as mobile phone technology have helped make creating apps considerably simpler.

Nowadays, there is programs that will guide you in creating your own app even if you’ve got no knowledge of coding or programming. Through YouTube you can acquire the fundamentals of programming that will aid you in developing applications. In this post, we’re going to examine an app specifically named Amos. It will provide all the details about Amos and its environs. Let’s start.


Amos application is not extremely well-known. The app was released on July 10, 2020. It can currently only be compatible with only the iOS operating system. It works flawlessly on the iOS 10 or later, iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone. Amos App allows you to meet people from across the globe. You can add new acquaintances, and even create a detailed profile of who they are.

It is possible to post stories and receive more views. Another benefit is the possibility of earning diamonds, which can help you create more usernames. But, be aware that the Amos application is designed to allow us to meet brand new Snapchat users in a way that is fun. Don’t misunderstand it with dating websites for teens and keep your cool while using it. Anyone who is younger than 18 is not allowed to make use of the Amos application. The app offers an exclusive membership that has many features.

With a VIP account you will be able to remove all advertisements that are displayed on the feed, gain access to favorites/crushes and more. The cost for VIP membership is $9.99 for a week and also offers a monthly auto renewal. The iTunes account will charge when you have confirmed that your purchase was successful.

Features Of AMOS APP:

The process of making new acquaintances can be challenging. It gets more difficult as we age. In this age it is a time to pay bills as well as saving for the future and so on. The best part is that we live in an electronic world. We can do almost anything just by pressing the button on our smartphones and computers. One of those things is making new friends that will be your friends for life. Through this post, you’ll find the best applications to meet new people.

Bumble BFF:

Bumble BFF is one of the well-known app for making friends. This app is great for anyone looking to establish lasting relationships with others. Bumble BFF’s creators Bumble BFF emphasize that the app was created to assist users to form solid and healthy connections around them. The best part is that it isn’t a barrier for anyone. It is possible to make friends from any location. I’m sure that most of you are using the Bumble Dating App. If you are, then making use of Bumble BFF will not be too difficult.

Friends and matches on Bumble BFF are dependent on your preferences and interests. Accounts will be validated after you’ve successfully uploaded your picture and completed your profile. You are able to browse the profiles of other users to show that you’re ready to meet new people. If you want to connect to someone else, you need to swipe left and then swipe left to leave. The woman must make the first move on another dating application. Bumblebee BFF isn’t like that. Anyone will definitely be able to take that first step.

Meet Up:

Meetup is certainly one of the most effective ways to meet new friends. With Meetup you’ll have the chance to connect with people who have similar interests to you. These interests could include a particular game such as cooking, knitting, and many more. Once you’ve made friends, you will be able to enjoy your interests together, and even try and pick up a few things from them. Signing up to with the Meet Up app is free and simple, and establishing your user account is simple. You can set up your Meet Up account using your email, Apple, Google, or Facebook account. After you’ve successfully set up the account, you will sign in and then select things that are specific to your area and the interests you have.

The good thing is that you will be able to see numerous meetups taking place in your local area. Through MeetUp, you are able to make a group, and organize and host events. You can personalize and plan events, communicate with all members of the group, and share pictures. The Meet Up app requires access to your network and GPS to locate your location and suggest your friends to you. If you’re looking to join a group or a club I can assure you that this app will help. Also, if you’re looking to run a club like Book Club, Writers Club and more.

Next Door: AMOS APP

The Next Door is another app that has been a lifesaver. It was designed specifically for those who have relocated to a new area and would like to connect with their neighbors. It is a personal affair and only involves you and your neighbours. The aim for the application is to establish powerful and meaningful connections in the community or in the area. There are a variety of things you can accomplish with the app that don’t require making acquaintances. You can sell items such as household items or selling virtual yards to your neighbors.

It is also possible to find part-time work opportunities in your area using the app, like dog walking, babysitting and much more. The greatest thing about this app is that it’s very safe. It comes with a security system to ensure that all activities are secure within a certain area. Additionally, only genuine neighbors are permitted to connect to this app. interact with other neighbors. This is a strict confirmation before joining informally.


This app is a tool to meet new people, but it’s different that the others. It can be used in conjunction against the Tinder app for female friends. It is designed for women who would like to connect with women of similar age. The creators of the app created it to empower women. It can help strengthen their bond and their personality. The app functions as any other app for friends where it is possible to swipe your finger to join or send an individual.

Through the app, you can read about women’s lives and take a variety of quizzes. June is the CEO and founder of State O’Weiner. Her aim was to build an international community in which women could inspire and help one another. She is convinced that women can be a source of inspiration and transform the world when they work by working together.

The app has been partnered in partnership with Tinder which has also been mentioned in major magazines like Elite Daily and The New York Times. If you’re a girl looking to make an acquaintance, this is the app for you.

How To Make Friend Online Safely:

Making friends with genuine and new people online can be a challenge. You’d like to connect with people who are like you. This means that you’d want to connect with like-minded people. Therefore, when you make acquaintances online, you have to be swift and safe. Since there are so many kinds it’s difficult to decide. Since you don’t know these types, you aren’t able to know what they can do. There are a variety of ways you can meet people online and remain safe.

Use the Right Apps:AMOS APP

There are a myriad of friend applications available to use today. Everyone can be friends. It can be casual or romantic. The primary issue lies with security and privacy. Certain applications are not secured, and you might find your personal information is not in the right hands. Utilize popular apps such as Facebook, Bumble BFF, and many others. A few are mentioned within this post. In essence it is recommended to use apps that go that extra mile to ensure the person using them is authentic.

Limit the Personal Information:

If you sign up to an app which allows you to connect with acquaintances, you’ll have to create your bio. Your bio will give others an insight into your personality and what you are interested in and more. In the section for bios ensure that you don’t share personal details in a way that is too much.

Key Features of AMOS APP:

  • It is simple to use.
  • Play around.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • Accessible and readily accessible.
  • Absolutely, this app is completely cost-free.
  • No advertisements.
  • This application won’t harm you.
  • It is completely safe.
  • This application is more quickly than other apps.
  • You’ll be completely content with this program.

How to Download AMOS APP:

  1. Then, scroll to the end of the page and click on the download link given.
  2. AMOS APP Download will be installed onto your phone.
  3. Go to Settings and then Security.
  4. Aktivate sources that are not known to you.
  5. Locate it by searching for the APK download on your device.
  6. Open the app has downloaded the file and follow the steps.
  7. If you are having trouble installing an app, get in touch with us.

Additional Information of AMOS APP:

File Size 10 MB
Latest Version v1.4
Android Version Android 4.4+
Developer AMOS.
Last Updated Nov. 2021
Category Social.


  1. You can use the latest and thrilling functions of the application by downloading APK files beforehand.
  2. You are able to download and access restricted software in your region.
  3. APK files permit you to receive the most recent update from Google. It can take some time to reach the update however, if you download APK files, you’ll be able to obtain it in a matter of minutes.
  4. If, for any reason, you don’t have access Google Play Store, or the Google Play Store, APK files are the only choice which will let you install your preferred apps.
  5. APK Installing and downloading APK files ensures that the most recent updates are available before they are released.


  1. As of now, you must be aware that the modified APK version APK was not designed from the initial APK publisher. In order to do this, the majority of programmer (hackers) are able to fall into malware.
  2. You can’t download any modified applications via Google Play Store. Google Play Store. Google has advised against downloading applications via “unknown sources”.
  3. Developers put in a lot of effort but for nothing. They should be earning money from the app since it could be their sole source of income, and you’re taking it. (Don’t be a jerk to developers who work tirelessly to create these apps, do not cheat them like you did.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is AMOS APP Free?

The answer is AMOS APP is free software that has unlimited options. Moving from a free version to a pro mod can be expensive. However, you can download APK for free by visiting this.

Question: Where do I obtain AMOS Android APP via

The answer is incredibly easy to use. Because I’ve provided the software at no cost in this post You don’t have to look elsewhere. Download this app for free from Share your experience with friends and family.

Is legally allowed to utilize an Apk file?

Answer: APK files are fully licensed apps formats, until the point that it isn’t being used in a way that isn’t. If you’re having a limited storage on your smartphone and need a powerful app , then the apk format is the best option. Additionally, there are numerous apps that aren’t available on the Google Play store and the store itself being restricted in certain areas Apk file is the most reliable choice for you to download without worries.

Q: Does this site secure to download this file as well as the other Apk documents?

A Yes, this website is completely safe to download additional apps.


The article we’ve tried to explain the AMOS APP in a clear manner, with frequent asked questions. After having read the entire article it is easy to be able to grasp every aspect of this personal device. We will come to the conclusion that AMOS App Download has the sole tool within the realm of Apk entertainment that has such a wide range of and impressive features. The free version is useful to get acquainted with its features, and then move towards premium options. We then informed you in detail about its security.

If you are having trouble you are having trouble with, go to this page. We’ve addressed all issues in plain language. If you do have any issues or queries don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our knowledgeable team will assist you as soon as it is possible. Please, do not hesitate to download the app, and then share it with your friends and family as well.

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