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What is Character AI?


Character AI  is an artificial intelligence chatbot web application that uses neutral language models to generate text responses, allows user-developed characters, and allows you to chat with fictional, historical, and celebrity figures in a dialogue. Unlike other AI chatbots like  ChatGPT  , Character AI’s output is more human-like, allowing you to chat with more than one bot at a time, providing different perspectives. Character AI was developed by former Google AI developers Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas and released in beta form in September 2022. Since its launch, it has become one of the most popular  AI chatbots  behind ChatGPT.

How does character AI work?

Large language model (LLM)-based character AI relies on deep machine learning and focuses primarily on conversations. During the training process, Character AI’s supercomputer continuously read large amounts of text and then learned to determine which words might come next in a sentence. The result is a highly entertaining, human-like AI that makes you feel like you’re talking to a real person. In this way, Character AI is more advanced than other AI chatbots as it allows users to immerse themselves in conversations with all types of personalities, including historical figures, celebrities, and other community-created characters.

Benefits of using character AI

Using character AI offers many unique benefits. First and foremost, it’s a great way to talk to different characters and give you different perspectives. You can chat with Elon Musk, Edward Cullen from the popular Twilight books, or even Taylor Swift.

As mentioned, these characters are more lifelike than other chatbots, making you feel like you’re talking to a real human. Another benefit of this incredible AI is that you can create your own characters to interact with. It’s as simple as assigning a few parameters to give your character a personality, adding an avatar (which you can create yourself using the software) and you’re ready to race. Plus, thanks to the new Android and iOS apps, you can take the character AI with you wherever you go.

Another special feature of Character AI are the themes. Nearly twenty are available, including helpers, games, image creation boosts, film and television actors, and language learning.

What are the limitations of character AI?

Character AI is an impressive example of artificial intelligence, but it has limitations. Because the community creates these characters, false results, called hallucinations, often occur. As you begin chatting with the various characters, it’s important to consider where they’re coming from and assume that most, if not all, of what they say is made up. Another limitation is image generation. While you can allow your characters to generate images, they are not in the same class as other  AI art generators  , primarily because they were created primarily as a text generator.

Additionally, it implements strict filtering and blocks any content deemed unsafe for the workplace (NSFW). That’s a good thing depending on what you want to use it for. Finally, it doesn’t provide an API. So even though it’s open source, you can’t download it and create your own iteration on a local computer.

How to use character AI

There are various ways to use character AI, including chatting with historical figures, creating your own chatbot to interact with, learning a new language, and creating a chat room where multiple chatbots can communicate, to name a few . Let’s explore how you can integrate character AI to improve your skills or have intelligent conversations.

Chat with a variety of characters

One of the unique features of character AI is the ability to interact with a variety of characters, including historical figures (both living and deceased) as well as user-generated chatbots with different personalities. Its deep machine learning process allows users to have authentic conversations where it is difficult to tell if you are chatting with a computer. Whether you want to chat with a Pokemon, George Washington, or Elon Musk, character AI offers an interesting perspective that other chatbots can’t offer. You can have interesting conversations with AI-generated characters to expand your knowledge, provide inspiration or entertain yourself.

Create your own AI character

One of the best features of Character AI is the ability to create your own chatbot to interact with. The first step is to click the  “Create” button  in the navigation bar on the left side of the interface.

You have the choice between creating a character or a character room. Select the first option  “Create Character”  

On the next screen, configure your chatbot’s settings. You give it a name (1), specify the opening greeting for your character (2), choose whether to enable image generation (3), decide whether your character should be public, unlisted or private (4). Create an avatar (5) or upload an existing one (6), edit advanced details (7), and click the Create button (8) to create your new character.

If you need help, check out the  Character Book  , which provides you with a wealth of information to help you create your AI characters.

Learn a new language

Character AI isn’t just about talking to celebrities or fictional creatures. You can use it to improve yourself. A good example of this is using it to learn a new language. You can use it to brush up on your English, expand your vocabulary, learn German, Japanese or French, or use it as a translator, to name a few.

As mentioned, most of the output is probably  false  . Therefore, it is important to check what it provides you. After experimenting with the Translator bot, we can say that it  is mostly  accurate and had no problems translating a simple sentence into Urdu, the main language spoken in Pakistan.

 Create a character space

 Creating a chat room is a fun way to utilize character AI. Setup is easy and you can add personalities you created or user-created. For example, we set up a chat room with Elon Musk and Albert Einstein and asked them to discuss space exploration and time travel. The coolest thing about it is that you can interact with them or sit back and watch the conversation.

If you want to create your own chat room, it’s easy. First, click the  Create button  and then select  Create Room  .

Next, give your room a name  , add  characters  , assign a  theme  , and click  Create  . Note:  You can only add characters you created or some of the 5000 most popular.

Once your chat room is created, you can start typing to interact with the other chat members or sit back and watch them interact.

 Is character AI safe?

 After reading about the conversations you can have through such an incredible platform, you may be wondering if it is safe. You’ll be happy to know that character creators can’t see your conversations. However, the platform records everything you say and intends to use this to improve results. With this in mind, think carefully about what you say and how you say it, especially if you care about privacy. When creating personas, you can make them public or private, providing an additional layer of security.

 Final thoughts on character AI

 As we’ve already discussed, Character AI offers a unique experience where visitors can interact with different personalities, create their own characters, and even learn new languages ​​thanks to the LLM training, which helps make it sound more human. Unlike similar  AI chat software  like  Jasper  and ChatGPT, Character AI stands out because it allows you to have interesting conversations with multiple chatbots at the same time.

 As AI technology evolves, we can expect character AI to evolve as well. Look for developers to improve their already amazing technology with better imaging and different ways to integrate it into your daily life. In the meantime, take some time to play around with it and see what it can do.


Overview of Character AI

Character.AI is an AI chatbot platform that allows users to create customizable AI characters for chatting. The chatbots can be configured with different personalities, interests, backgrounds and more to enable unique conversation experiences.

How does Character.AI work?

Character AI uses advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to deliver natural conversations. Users can create a character by selecting one of the pre-made templates or starting from scratch.

The AI ​​models are trained on huge data sets to handle casual conversations and role-playing with different roles. The voting system allows models to continually improve and filter out low-quality answers.

How to use character AI

There are many things you can do with Character.AI – here are a few tips to get you started.

Choose a character

Before you embark on a chat adventure, you must choose your interlocutor. Here’s how –

  1. Visit the  Character.AI website  .
  2. Browse the different sections on the home page to select a character. The sections you can find include Helpers, Celebrities, Games, Image Creation, Vtuber, Anime Game Characters, Movies and TV, Language Learning, Discussion, Religion, Anime Game Characters, Animals, Comedy, Philosophy, Politics, Books and History.
  3. Select a character you would like to chat with.

For this example we chose William Shakespeare.

Chat with a character

Have you decided on a character you want to chat with? You can start chatting now!

  1. As soon as you select a character, a chat room will automatically open.
  2. Wait a few seconds for the character to formulate their thoughts and the conversation begins.
  3. Start your conversation with the character. Shakespeare from our previous example proved very helpful:


Remember that there are four things that determine how your character reacts to what you say:

  • The character’s attributes
  • How you trained the character with star ratings
  • The settings you have set for the character
  • And of course the context of the conversation. If you’d like to learn more about how chatting works, check out the extremely helpful  Character Book  .

Create a character

Maybe you’ve looked through the character feed but haven’t found anything interesting. The good news is that you can create your own character, and it’s easier than you think –

  • First, click the “Create” button in the sidebar and then select “Create Character.”

CharacterAI creates a character step 1

  • Customize your character. You can enter a custom name, greeting, and avatar, as well as settings for image generation and whether the character is private or public.

CharacterAI creates a character, step 2

  • Once everything is ready, click “Create and Chat” – you’ll be taken straight to a chat window with your new character!

Useful Character.AI characters

How you best use Character.AI depends on what you need to do. However, we found many characters that should be useful to most people.

Character assistant

An all-in-one AI assistant to help you write, think, and be more productive.

Creative helper

Helps generate ideas for your creative projects.


HyperGlot (Language Learning AI)

Need help learning or writing in a new language? HyperGlot is fluent in almost every language and can help you.



While this AI psychologist isn’t a replacement for real conversation, it can be a great way to express and process whatever you’re feeling.

Text adventure game

If you’re a fan of role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons but just can’t find a group to play with, this virtual dungeon master can keep you entertained with an adventure or two.

CharacterAI Character – Text Adventure Game

Why we love Character.AI

Character.AI has a wide range of features that enable rich and versatile AI conversations:

Customizable characters

  • Choose from pre-built personas or create your own
  • Customize name, gender, personality traits, interests, origin story, etc.
  • Upload your own avatar images and backgrounds
  • Develop detailed, multi-dimensional characters

Realistic conversations

  • AI can chat casually and stay on topic
  • Role-play different professions and personalities
  • Dynamic responses based on character attributes
  • Vote on answers to improve the character over time

Mobile Support

  • iOS and Android apps available
  • Chat with your characters on the go
  • Synchronization between web and mobile devices

Protective measures against offensive content

  • Automatic filters against harmful content
  • User voting to flag bad answers
  • Continuous model improvements to prevent offensive output

Use cases and applications

Character.AI has many potential use cases:

Entertainment & Gaming

  • Create dynamic NPCs for text adventures, tabletop RPGs, etc.
  • Roleplay fantasy, science fiction or any fictional world
  • AI characters that can talk to each other

learn languages

  • Practice conversation skills in different languages
  • Characters who speak multiple languages ​​fluently
  • Learn about other cultures through character personalities

Content creation

  • Brainstorm ideas through chatting
  • Develop storylines and narratives
  • Interview preparation through role play on both sides

Mental health and wellbeing

  • Talk about difficult situations
  • Manage anxiety, stress or loneliness
  • Get an outside perspective on life issues

Customer service and market research

  • Create product demos by simulating conversations
  • Train customer service teams with role-playing scenarios
  • Get feedback on products by interviewing chatbot characters

Who is Character.AI suitable for?

Character.AI appeals to a wide audience:

  • Gamers  – Improve TTRPGs, text adventures, and chatbots for streaming
  • Writers  – Brainstorm story ideas and develop detailed characters
  • Language Learner  – Practice conversation skills
  • Content Creator  – Content ideas and role-playing video concepts
  • Developers  – Integrate conversational AI into products
  • Therapists  – Provide a safe space for clients to open up
  • Market Researchers  – Get feedback from AI personas
  • Anyone  looking for a fun AI to chat with!

Limits of character.AI

Character.AI, like any AI-based service, has certain limitations. Here are some of them:

  1. Usage Limitations  : While Character.AI is free to use and has no ads or paywalls, there are some usage limitations in the free version. You can only create five characters and each character can only have 100 prompts.
  2. Access to new features  : Free users may not have immediate access to the new features that the platform regularly introduces.
  3. High Traffic Times  : During high traffic times, free users may be required to wait in a queue before interacting with the AI ​​Chat service.
  4. NSFW Filter  : Character.AI has an NSFW (Not Safe For Work) filter to keep chats safe.
  5. Limited number of daily messages  : Free users have a limited number of daily messages that they can send to their characters.

Ratings and Reviews

Character.AI has a 4.8/5 star rating on the Apple App Store with 153,000 reviews. CharacterAI im Apple App Store

And on the Google Play Store, the app has a rating of 4.5/5 stars from 468,000 reviews. CharacterAI im Google Play Store

On Product Hunt, CharacterAI is rated 4.5/5 stars with 94 reviews. CharacterAI auf ProductHunt

frequently asked Questions

Is Character.AI free? There is a free version, but it has limited characters, messages, and sessions. Paid plans unlock additional features.

What technology does Character.AI use? It uses GPT-3 and other large language models developed by Anthropic to power conversational AI. The models are tailored to the dialogue.

Can I download my character data? Yes, you own all of your data and can export your character information and chat logs in JSON format at any time.

Is there an app for mobile devices? Yes, there are iOS and Android apps available that allow you to chat with your AI on the go.


Character AI offers advanced conversational AI that allows anyone to create custom characters with unique personalities for entertainment, learning, ideation, and more. The constantly improving language models enable natural chats on any topic while remaining true to the individual persona. With flexible plans, mobile apps, and API access, the platform makes AI-powered conversations accessible to everyone. Character.AI is changing the way we interact with artificial intelligence.

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