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The Grama Ward App is one of the most intriguing startups that I have yet to see. It attempts to solve the problem of finding easy and cheap ways for people to volunteer. As someone who has been involved in several organizations, community programs and social enterprises, I’m impressed by their vision and the usefulness of this app.
The Grama Ward team has done a great job building a robust and intuitive platform for users to find and register for opportunities. The app itself is simple, intuitive and full-featured with everything you need for posting events, tasks or any other type of information about volunteering in your area.
In this post I’m going to discuss why this product is so compelling. If you’re looking for a really easy way to find people willing to help you out with a project or cause, then the Grama Ward app is ideal (and if not, it’s definitely worth checking out).

Gram Ward Volunteer App Download

 What is Grama Ward?
Grama Ward is a community-powered mobile app that allows you to donate through your iOS phone. It is fast and easy, and it’s free. We have found that participation in the Grama Ward community has been phenomenal: 1.5 million people have downloaded the app, and we have seen thousands of new donors every day!
Our goal with Grama Ward is to help people make a difference in their communities – helping families and individuals help themselves by donating food, medical supplies or other items they may not be able to afford.
Through our app, you can easily donate to support nonprofits like the Food Bank of Central Iowa (Fort Dodge), Stockbridge High School (Stockbridge), Community Action Council of Des Moines (Des Moines) and more!

 The First Step To Get A Job In Gram Ward

As a freelance programmer, one of the most important things I have learned is that coding is not a hobby. It’s for life. I have 6-figures in my bank account, but am still happy and content to work from home whereas I could and should be working in a cubicle office (in fact, I am).
There are two things you need to do to get a job. The first is to find something you love and then do everything you can to make it happen. This includes looking at the job requirements, finding out what they are, reading through the requirements or asking someone else if they think they match what you want or need (this will provide you with an idea of what kind of person they want you to be) and asking them if they think you fit their requirement (which will give you an idea of whether it’s right for you). If your answer is no, don’t panic – just get on with it!
The second thing is actively looking for something new – even if it doesn’t involve coding. There are whole careers out there that don’t involve coding: janitors, salesmen, lawyers… They may look like full-time jobs (I know where I want to work), but because there isn’t a lot of demand for them (like people who clean up after people who aren’t cleaning up after themselves), many employers are willing to take on anyone… even someone as unappealing as me!
You need to look at opportunities that interest you and if they suit your personality then take advantage of them; otherwise stick with what comes easiest – coding! Because once we start we never stop!
 The Process of Getting A Job In Gram Ward
It’s my first time writing a blog post so I’d appreciate any feedback. Today I’m going to talk about the process of getting a job in Gram Ward. I came here to get hired because someone told me that they heard me speak at the conference and thought I was interesting. So, here I am, a fellow job-seeker.
I have been a freelancer for almost 2 years now and recently started up a company (a project management tool) called Gram Ward. It is a web based project management platform that provides users with an easy way to create, edit and share project metadata, collaborate on projects and manage their progress with their team members.
This first blog post is going to be short and sweet:
The first thing you need to do is fill out an application form on our website: . The form will ask for your name, contact information and a short description of your experience – this is the bare minimum we ask for from applicants before we start hiring people who can help us improve our product further! You do not need to provide any other information on this form — including specific technical skills or any other relevant information — but it helps us understand what you are looking for in an employer as well as our product capabilities (e.g., when did you start using Gram Ward?).
If you have any doubts regarding the usefulness of this application form or if you just want to skip ahead, feel free to send us an email at [email protected] or call the Gram Ward team toll free at 1-866-842-8292 and we’ll be happy to assist you in filling out the form before we start looking for developers!
You can also find further information about applications by visiting
The next step is uploading your CV / Resume on careers@gramwardencomputerservices dot com . Please keep in mind that applicants will have access not only to their own user profiles, but also our system where they can upload applications directly from their personal accounts which they’ve created through Gram Ward’s interface (we do not require them to upload secure PDF files or use third party tools). If you’re taking some time off from work so that you can focus on
 How To Become A Volunteer In Gram Ward
How to become a volunteer for the Gram Ward Volunteer Program
Gram Ward has a huge volunteer program. It is free, and the only requirement is that you are 18 years old or older. They need an army of volunteers to help them out in more than 1,000 shelters across the country and around the world.
The Gram Ward Volunteer App offers two ways for users to join up and get instantly rewarded for their efforts: 1) download it on their phone, then visit and enter your information; 2) download the app on your computer and then visit You will be prompted to enter your information when you go to the volunteer website by clicking on your name in their search bar (it is not necessary to fill out a form).
If you join, you’ll receive $5 per month as long as you meet one of three criteria (you must be a resident of any state in the US or Canada):
– Working full-time at least 20 hours per week
– Participating in voluntary work
– Working for at least three months per year
– Half-time work-sharing student
You can also earn $10 per month if you are attending school full-time in any state in the US or Canada:
– Graduating from high school with an associate’s degree (or equivalent) within 3 years after high school graduation from high school (or from another accredited institution/school) that meets minimum academic requirements for graduation from high school within 3 years after high school graduation from high school (or from another accredited institution/school), and entering postsecondary education within 3 years after high school graduation from high school; or completing college, community college, vocational or technical training within 3 years after high school graduation from high school; or receiving an occupational certification within 3 years after high school graduation from high school; or having worked 20 hours per week at least 20 weeks per year at least 10 of which were working at least 30 hours during need periods; OR 10 hours per week during need periods OR 5 hours per week during need periods OR 4 hours per week during need periods OR 3 hours per week during need periods OR 2 hours per week during need periods OR 1 hour per week during need periods AND taking no unpaid holiday time AND working at least 20 total weeks PER YEAR AND being employed AT LEAST 30 HOURS PER WEEK AND ANSWERING YES TO ALL OF THE FOLLOW
6. Conclusion

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