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today’s article, we’ll be discussing the top emotes de free fire of 2022 that are rare and not everyone can have in-game. However, some of these are paid and some are free. So I’ll share them one by one and tell you how you can use them or if they are free or paid. So, stay with us until the end of this article. Along with this, you will also learn about other stories. 

What is emotes de free fire? 

It sounds interesting if you ask what Garena Free Fire is, but there are still people who need to know that. Most people know about this game, but few know who made this game and what category it is. Aside from that, you can find out about the

top emotes de free fire for 2022 in the following paragraphs.However, Garena Free Fire is mostly known as Free Fire or FF. Available for Android, iOS and many other platforms. You can download and play for free. However, there are many paid items or features that you can get in the game as well.

emotes de free fire

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However, it is free to  and play. It is basically a shooting game designed for multiple devices that fall into the category of action video games. It was developed by GARENA INTERNATIONAL I PRIVATE LIMITED. One of the most popular games after Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. You can download it from the official website.

Garena Free Fire Gameplay


The gameplay is exciting and addicting, resulting in millions of downloads or installations across multiple platforms. A video game that will be left on the island. Random classic mode has 50 players. So you can play solo, duo or squad. You will get a parachute and land on the island through it.

Upon landing, you will need to collect weapons, health packs, ammo and other items. Then eliminate or kill all other players not on your team. Then you will be the winner in the game. So you can get paid items for free from there. If you do well and complete missions, you will be rewarded for it.

What is Free Fire Emote?

Basically, an emote is an animation that can be based on a dance or other movement. You can find different kinds of emotes in the Garena Free Fire game. Most are free, but you can also use them for a fee.

Therefore, paid services are very interesting and fun. So, most people want to use these emojis.

What are the top  free shooting emojis in 2022?

Let’s go to our main topic. Now we’re going to discuss the  free-fire emotes that are rare in 2022. Even if there are so many emotes that every player can have in the game. However, there are rare emotes that not all players can have for various reasons.

So, in this paragraph, I’m going to share three Free Fire Rare emotes with the world. You can check the emote here.

pirate flag

This is an emoji that costs almost 500 diamonds. It started with an event called Pirate Top Up. In this emote, the player can land or hit the flag. The flag represents the symbol of the pirate.

rose emoticon

The Rose emote, also known as the Follower emote, costs 500 diamonds. So this is also one of the more expensive emotes on Free Fire. So it’s not common and a limited number of players use or have this emote.


LOL is one of the common reactions we use to post different kinds of posts on social media. Or we use it in text conversations too. However, this is not common in Free Fire. So you have to pay a lot of diamonds for it.


This emoji features a dog with a dancing character. So it’s also one of the best and most expensive emotes for the game.

push up

This is again one of the best but expensive emotes in the game. So you have to pay 500+ diamonds to unlock it. But it’s still rare and few players have it.


So, these were the  Bestemotes de free fire in 2022, expensive but rare for that reason. However, if you have thousands of diamonds in your game account, you can buy them. category

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