fallout 4 blackface fix Fallout 4 face bugs [brown dark] easy Tips

Fallout 4 is one of the  most popular role-playing games developed and published by Bethesda Game Studios.

In this article, we’re going to offer some fixes for the irritating changes in characters’ faces that cause them to suddenly turn black or brown.

fallout 4 blackface fix

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Fallout  4 is one of the most popular video games available with an interesting storyline and graphics. Even so, fans around the world have been complaining about multiple  bugs  and issues for  several years  , and the developers have not been able to come up with a stable solution. 

One of the most common and annoying mistakes is the flaws on characters’ faces that appear brown, black, rusty, or just plain dark. Sometimes the problems with the characters wo n’t even let  the user play the game.

The faces keep changing out of the blue, after a while  or even before the game starts. Although the face bugs have no impact on performance, many players threaten to give up the game.

How do I fix the Fallout 4 facial blemishes?


How to Fix Fallout 4 Brown Face Bug?


Download the  Brown Face workaround mod  from the Nexus Mods website on your PC.

Now copy the extracted files and paste them into the Fallout Game data folder (possible location C:/Program Files (x86)/ Steam/steam/apps/common/Fallout 4Data). 

Or you can use your desired mod manager to activate the mod

Launch the game and the error should be resolved.

The same method can be used for the rust stain bug, but the  file is different  .

Fix the black / dark face bug with a third-party mod


First, open the Fallout 4 Games folder on your PC.

Find aur open the Fallout 4.ini File in Notepad.

Now edit the following lines in the .ini file using Notepad on your PC: [Archive] bInvalidateOlderFiles=1sResourceDataDirsFinal=

Save changes and exit.

Run the Nexus Mod Manager and enable the mod by selecting its file.

This is just a workaround as the textures of the faces are scaled down as the error apparently  occurred  after starting the High-Resolution  DLC If the error is not resolved, the problem may be elsewhere.

Either way, be sure to check for the latest files and it helps to also scan the posts of various FO4 fans who have tried these solutions.

Hopefully we’ve helped improve your gaming experience. Any suggestion on the subject will surely be helpful to the gamer community.


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