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Top 3 methods pubg I’d unban


Today in this post we are going to show you how to unlock your Pubg Mobile ID that you may get locked for any reason. convert the already mentioned Unban-Pubg-ID into a very simple procedure. And opened your ID very quickly. How to Unlock a Pubg Mobile Account

Method 1

As we all know, Pubg’s anti-chat system blocks many IDs, even unusual IDs that you’ve never hacked on before.  Make it unequivocally Today we explain in our post how to deactivate such an ID.

how to unban Pubg Mobile for 10 years

Pubg Mobile Ban
Cell phone ban in pubs

Go to  Pubg’s official site  and select your respective  game area  .  After scrolling  down  you will  see a ticket button.

Suggestions ⬇️

Read carefully

How to unblock Pubg Mobile for 10 years
how to unban Pubg Mobile for 10 years

After clicking the Submit button, you need to select Pubg Stream Support.

How to unlock a Pubg mobile account
How to unban a Pubg mobile account

Now you need to carefully read and copy and paste the information below on this page.

Description For the Pubg support team.

Respectful Sir Hi Sir / Mam My name is “Your Name” and I’m from “Your Location” and Sir, my Pubg Account is locked “Date” due to the update to the new version.  But I have never used any cheats and hacks before.  And I always play a fair game.  So sir please return my account.  Here are some details about my Pubg account.  The Character I Would: IGN Name: Last Your: Device: Date: Please Sir, Return My Account Thank you sir.

Method 2

only one way to suspend mobile accounts, read the post and follow step by step how to suspend accounts. If someone says give me some money, i will close your pubg account, don’t trust anyone

Why lock Pubg accounts?

With millions of users around the world playing PUBG Mobile, the developers have made some tough decisions recently that can result in your PUBG account being banned for breaking the rules of the game.  Scammers completely spoil the gaming experience and taking unfair advantage over others is something that spoils the spirit of the game …

How to play Pubg Mobile without a ban

Please read Tencent Game’s policy page which tells you many things against the law.  PUBG usually bans players using illegal software and some more to cheat the game.  If you do, it could go unnoticed.  But if you’ve been doing this for a while, they can lock you up right away.

Why block a Pubg mobile account?

  • If you cheat any tools with illegal software.
  • If you are using third party applications during Pubg Mobile.
  • When you cheat multiple times in a team game
  • Team up with players outside of your team.

Step 1

Open PUBG Mobile, and if you get banned, you will immediately see the notification shown above, Here you will find two options, Submit Application and Terms of Use Click Terms of Use to review the reasons for the banning To unblock PUBG mobile account, click on on File Claim Then object to your reasons as to why the block is not appropriate in your case.  The appraisers will review your option and contact you if necessary.  There is another way to get your suspended account back by sending a simple email.

step 2

Go to your Gmail and click Compose Email. Enter in the return address field. Compose your email with a correct and appropriate subject line. Then explain why you are not the right person to be banned. Don’t forget to include your Character ID and Account Name in the email body. Review the email again and hit the Submit button. Then the review team will review your application and get back to you if you are not guilty.  But if you’re already fully booked, forget about your PUBG account.  And it is better to create a new account this time and follow the guidelines properly.

Method 3

Why PUBG is blocking my account

Why is PUBG blocking my account?  There are 2 possibilities that can lead to a ban.  First of all, if you cheat and you are recognized and an error message or a lock message for changed game data is displayed.  Second, if you don’t see a data change error, it means you have received too many reports.  There are more terms as you can see below and I will tell you how to cancel the PUBG mobile account.

Some guidelines: PUBG Mobile Ban Account

These are some of the terms and conditions for the PUBG Mobile Ban account.
  • Use any kind of cheat tool.
  • Use of third party applications like VPN, GFX tool, etc.
  • Change in data files.
  • Team up with other players.
When PUBG Mobile verifies your account for ban
  • If you kill 6 enemies in 3 minutes, the backend system will check your log
  • If you kill 5 enemies in 1 minute, Tencent will manually review your log
  • If your account is under 200 hours, 8 kills or more per game – manual check
  • If your account is younger than 500 hours, 10 kills or more per game – manual check
  • If your account is less than 1000 hours, 20 kills or more per game – manual check
  • With 5 manual reports per game, manual review
  • If there are 6 reports from viewers, you are dead – does not apply to global
  • If 2 manual reports from teammates – direct ban
Note: If you are legitimate and believe that your account has been accidentally blocked, you can contact their support service.

How to unlock the PUBG mobile account

There is only one way to cancel the PUBG mobile account by contacting customer service.  Do you think your account was accidentally suspended?  Then you can contact PUBG Mobile customer service and contact them on the Unban PUBG Mobile account. 
  • Contact through the official website
Step 1:  Go to this PUBG Mobile customer service   link
Step 2:  fill in all the details thoroughly 
Step 3:  Click the Submit button
  • Contact by E-Mail
Step 1: Log into   your email
Step 2:  Go to the option to compose an email
Step 3:  Write down your PUBG Ban account details 
Step 4:  Send an email to
Step 5:  Click the Submit button
Note:  Don’t forget to include your Character ID
If your account has been banned for fraudulent reasons, there are very few chances of getting your Pubg mobile account closed.  It is better to be aware of any type of scam.

Bottom line: how to unlock a PUBG account

Today we learned How to Unban PUBG Mobile Account. PUBG is a game and takes it as a game don’t use hacks. Play PUBG for enjoyment and fun only. I hope this article helps you make sure to tell your valuable thoughts in below Comment Section. Thank You.

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