InstaSpy apk Instagram Stories viewer dashboard

InstaSpy apk
InstaSpy apk Instagram Stories  dashboard


  • Sign up
  • Connect Dropbox / Google Drive / Telegram / Slack
  • Add Instagram usernames
  • Get new Instagram stories delivered to your account and on your dashboard immediately after you have published your story.

Features of InstaSpy apk

Monitoring and tracking Instagram stories

Sort Instagram accounts using folders

Watch in secret the latest Instagram stories on your account in chronological order.

Automatically find hashtags and mentions in Instagram stories.

instaspy apk Online Instagram Story Viewer

Save automatically Instagram posts to Dropbox, Google Drive, Telegram or Slack.

Works with accounts that have age-gating

Watch new Instagram stories in your dashboard

with chronological sequence

in the original size


What is InstaSpy apk?

InstaSpy can be described as an internet-based service that Download Instagram stories Automatically and automatically and save your files automatically and save them in a way that saves them automatically to Dropbox, Google Drive, Telegram and your dashboard. InstaSpy can act as Instagram Story Viewer It will allow you to check out new stories on your dashboard in a non-public order. It is easy to click on any story, open it in the pop-up window, and save it to the original size. With the aid InstaSpy, with the help of InstaSpy you can track and archive Instagram stories of influential people as well as your own friends and business.

Certain brand marketing agencies may take advantage of some of our advanced features like sorting accounts by folders or even detecting hashtags and mentions in Instagram Stories using OCR. With these features, you can be sure that the influencer who put up the correct advertisement on Instagram stories, or you can keep track of your competitors and analyze and reuse content. InstaSpy.Pro assists brands and businesses agencies to track influencers’ activity in Instagram Stories.

Also, InstaSpy is a great Instagram downloader to save images, stories, photos and highlights in their original quality. Gathering Instagram videos and photos that interest you the most could help you to think about and provide fresh ideas that can assist you in creating fresh posts for your website and Instagram page. Automated save of Instagram stories has never been so easy!

How can I view an individual’s older Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are ephemeral. That is, they go away within 24 hours. If you’d like to view older Instagram stories, it is necessary to save them in pernament storage first. The app is able to view old Instagram stories that disappear as well as to stream Instagram stories without registering. Add usernames to your watch list and any new Instagram story updates will immediately transferred to Dropbox (one folder per user), Google Drive, Telegram or Slack. Additionally, you will be able to view stories on your dashboard for the duration of 24 hours.

How do I view an Instagram story of someone else’s in privacy?

InstaSpy is a tool that allows you to look up Instagram stories in privacy since you don’t need to connect to your Instagram account. It is not known that you’ve saved their Instagram stories. Simply add your usernames to get new Instagram stories in a timely manner.

How do I download automatically Instagram’s latest stories in full-size?

InstaSpy Story Tracker automatically saves Instagram stories in the original size and in the best quality available to the cloud storage you choose, to allow you to view them later without needing to perform manual saving

How can I automatically save new Instagram posts just after they are published?

InstaSpy eliminates the requirement to manually Insta stories saving and downloading new Instagram stories within a 1-3 hour intervals from the monitored Instagram accounts automatically

How can you download automatically the latest Instagram Stories to your Dropbox or Google Drive?

InstaSpy Story Monitor stores new Instagram posts directly in the user’s Dropbox (one folder for each user) or Google Drive right after publishing so that they can be accessed anytime

How do you receive the latest Instagram Stories in your Telegram on a regular basis?

We created a brand-new Telegram bot designed specifically for this purpose. It works on two different ways. It can send stories that are new to Instagram stories to private Telegram messages or certain groups or channels.

How do I automatically track hashtags or comments on Instagram stories

You can choose the hashtags you want to use and mentions , and InstaSpy will filter these Instagram stories by a select group of influencers and save the stories in your storage cloud

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