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mojo app download apk


mojo app is that allows you to create social stories that have professional .

The app provides an array of animation templates that can be used to create captivating stories. It is possible to add images or videos into any templates. You can share directly from the app on any social media platform or save a video on your phone.

mojo app download

Today, the power of social stories is limited by the platforms that are able to make. Mojo extends these boundaries and opens up a whole new set of possibilities for creativity, powered by high-quality animations.

Mojo app

mojo takes your social media stories to the highest level by making them appear amazing and distinct. The story templates were created with top artists and are intended to work on social media.The first few frames immediately grab the attention of viewers and the animations allow viewers to remain engaged throughout the entire duration.

mojo video app

It’s hard to make yourself stand out when it comes to social networks. Content may look identical and standardized. Mojo removes those restrictions and makes social stories impossible to miss.

  • The app is free to download. There is no account required.
  • mojo was highlighted in mojo was featured in “Best of 2019” by Apple.
  • Download mojo, and begin making animations of your own.

steps to create amazing stories using mojo

  • 1. Select one of the hundreds of templates mojo provides. Each month, new designs and styles of text will be added to the application so that your stories will remain distinct and relevant.
  • 2. Create a story that is unique by adding your own links. You can add videos, images music and stickers, text effects animation backgrounds logos, and even create multiple pages in one go. You can also modify the colors, formatting, timings and so on.
  • 3. You can directly share your story through the app Instagram stories, or to any other social media platform. You can even save your video to your smartphone.

mojo app new features

Access all models and features that are advanced within mojo.

mojo Pro is a program for advanced storytellers who wish to unleash all the potential in social stories.

  • You can make your stories unique every day using the entire Templates collection
  • Make your own personal style and make it look more attractive by using the professional Text Styles
  • Stay ahead of the latest trends by using new Templates and fresh Text Styles each month.
  • Your stories should be aligned to your brand’s identity: use your own fonts and color scheme, then add and animated your Logo
  • You can easily adapt your content to any platform with other formats like Story (16:9), Insta Feed, Square, Landscape
How to use mojo Pro

Try mojo Pro free in the app store. There is no commitment to purchase. Cancel at any time.

If you’re a frequent user of Instagram and would like to create amazing stories to show your friends every throughout the day, Mojo is a must-have application for the Android phone. Get  APK version of the application using the link in the article.

What is Mojo app?

Mojo is an application created by Archery which allows you to make stunning animations for stories to post directly to Instagram. The app quickly gained millions of users due to its simple-to-use features. As you are aware, Instagram is among the top loved social network for sharing photos around the world, having billions of users worldwide. Everyone wants to share the most stunning photos we can on our Instagram profiles. But what happens if you wish to share your daily experiences or thoughts? Stories are the place to share your thoughts and moments. you can share your daily stories with family and friends.

Naturally Instagram’s standard Stories feature allows you to edit certain information using filters that are built-in. However, it’s not a lot of variety and you’ll quickly be frustrated when your stories are similar to those of others. This is why many people use third-party software that helps to create amazing Stories usually Mojo.

With Mojo’s numerous impressive storytelling styles, you’ll be able to bring ordinary photos to life by using animation effects. Then, you can upload them directly to Instagram’s Stories through Instagram.

How to use Mojo?

The art of telling a great story isn’t easy to do, and it’s even harder to write articles that are liked on social media. How do you master animations to add heart to your images and words? Don’t fret, Mojo – Stories Editor will assist you.

Even if you don’t have any knowledge of video editing and design, you are able to create compelling stories that will leave an impact on viewers. Mojo is built on a selection of professionally created templates. From modern to minimalist designs, every design is meticulously designed, and perfect for any kind of stories. For instance the Fashion and Pop templates use rapid motion and vibrant text to create a sense full of excitement. Meanwhile, the Minimal and Photography templates are far more tranquil.

After you’ve chosen the perfect option, you can modify the content to suit your preferences. If you’d like to put your own unique mark you can alter various aspects, like changing text, testing different fonts, using various animations altering images, shifting objects around, and much more. Are you pleased with the result you achieved? Do you want to share your experience on your favorite social networks immediately. Soon , you’ll be an expert in “million likes” storytelling.

Make stunning Stories to post on Instagram

Mojo is the easiest and most user-friendly application to make Stories for all popular social networks and not just Instagram. Mojo provides hundreds of templates to make Stories with a wide range of subjects that are suitable for every holiday and seasons. Pick a theme that you like that covers Christmas, Food Business, Movie Classic news, … Want an interesting story to share your Christmas photos? Pick a Christmas-themed template that includes Christmas tree effects as well as the background music to the Jingle Bells song.

In addition, the program lets you edit every element of the templates. When you click the Brush icon to alter the size of the font as well as fonts colors, text background music and more. You can add background music, images, and pictures directly from the library of your device or choose from the templates that are available.

Mojo app features

Mojo gives you a variety of stunning filters and features that will aid you in editing and creating an amazing Story you’d like to publish on Instagram as well as other social media platforms. Your followers will be amazed as they check your Stories each day. Make sure to send this app to your friends if they are looking to create elegant Story.

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