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Today, we released an amazing entertainment app for Android users, called Pikachu Apk. Installing the most recent version of the Apk file will let users of smartphones to enjoy the. Unlimited streaming of movies, series and IPTV Channels at no cost.

There are many similar Apk files that are available for download. However, most of the accessible ones are not functional and unavailable to Android users. So, taking into account ease of installation and access to the app, developers designed this amazing application.

If we go through the program in a brief manner, we discovered a lot of features that are essential to the application. We’ll go over these features in detail below. If you like the application and are ready to install it on your android device, then download the Pikachu LiveTV App from this.

What is Pikachu Apk

Pikachu Apk is an online entertainment app, where android customers can access endless Movies or Series. If we are talking about available content, the Bollywood as well as Hollywood Movies are reachable. Furthermore, IPTV Channels are also integrated into.

After a brief exploration of the application, we came across four basic categories within. The purpose behind adding these categories was to ensure that users are able to find content that is specialized. Based on estimates, there are the thousands of video files available to stream.

It is a challenge to find the individual files in those files is to be a time-consuming and difficult task. In addition, finding niche-based content in the files that are accessible isn’t feasible. Thus, focusing on easy accessibility, developers separated the video files into various categories.

So, the Hollywood category will exclusively show English Movies and Bollywood category will be devoted to Hindi Movies. In addition to the two categories, another category added under the title of Series. In this category, the two categories of English and Hindi Dubbed films can be accessed.

Details of APK

Name Pikachu
Version v71
Size 11.15 MB
Developer PIKA
Package Name com.offshore.pika
Price Free
Required Android 5.0 and Plus

The final category accessible through The application’s menu is IPTV Channels. There are more than 50 live IPTV Channels that are available to stream. The channels that are accessible to stream are linked with various areas. If you are a fan of the app, you can download Pikachu App Download Live TV on this page.

Other important features accessible through the application are Custom Search Option, Push Notification Reminder, Advanced Video Player and Speedy Servers Subtitles, and much more. The search filter can help users find individual documents easily.

Notifications reminders will always ensure that the user is up-to date with the most recent releases and changes. Advanced video player can help viewers to modify their play settings in accordance with the latest developments. The reason for adding fast servers was the ability to display data packets and apps quickly.

As of now, no third party advertisements have been allowed in the application. However, we are unable to provide any other guarantees in relation to specific modifications. So if you’re enjoying the app and looking for the best source to download it, we recommend Android users to download Pikachu Movie App from here.

Key Features of Pikachu Apk

  • Registration is not required.
  • Download free from here.
  • There is no need to sign up in advance.
  • The app can be downloaded to provide Movies and Series to watch.
  • Live IPTV Channels are also available to stream events.
  • The most accessible channels are linked with sports.
  • The project Europa 2021 is in its direction.
  • The user interface of the app is clean and user-friendly.
  • Servers that are fast will render video files with ease in the absence of slow connectivity.

Screenshots of The App

Pikachu Apk screenshot

How To Download The Pikachu Apk

Before jumping directly into installation and usage of the Apk file. First, we need to download and android users can depend on our site. In the our download section, we only provide genuine and functional Apk files.

In order to ensure that the user is entertained by the appropriate product. We apply the same file to various devices. We do not know if the they are safe and functional to use. We do not offer them in the Download section. If you want to download Pikachu App TV please click on the link below.

How To Install And Use The App

To install, find your downloaded Pikachu App from mobile internal storage section. After you have located the downloaded Apk file, double-click it. Then click it to begin the installation. When the installation process is complete you can now go to the mobile menu , then open the App. It’s completed.

We have already released a variety of Entertainment Apk downloads on the website. These files are a great alternative to this app. So if you’d like to look into the files , then go to the URL’s. Which are Picasso Apk and HuraWatch Apk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pikachu APK Free?

It is free application, and users won’t have to pay for the use of it on their smartphones or any other device.

Do I have the ability to get Pikachu APK legally?

It is legal and secure application even though it’s completely free to download and use. It is loaded with great options.

Why doesn’t Pikachu the APK fail to work?

If your application is out of date or hasn’t been changed to a more recent version, it could not function as it should. Therefore, you should update the app now to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently.

How Do I Update Pikachu APK?

Pikachu APK is an outside developer, therefore the automatic update will not be available. You’ll need to manually upgrade the app by removing the previous version and then installing the latest version.

Does my Android device required to be root-enabled in order to be able to run Pikachu APK?

The rooting process is not necessary in order to download Pikachu APK. This application doesn’t require any special permissions. This means that it is possible to install and run the application with no rooting required. If your device is already root-able, and you want to utilize the app without issues. It offers the identical features and interface for both non-configured and rooted devices.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of downloading directly Pikachu APK? Pikachu APK?


  • The application is secure and safe.
  • It is simple to download and install the app.
  • Advertisements from third parties are not accessible.
  • It’s available for free download as well as use.


  • They won’t automatically update.
  • Google doesn’t always confirm the accuracy of its results.

Did you realize that Google Play Store has no compatibility with Android tablets and phones? Don’t fret if your device doesn’t have the right Android device or phone to run the Pikachu APK, because at APKVIPMOD we have the most reliable and secure options for you. Download the latest Pikachu version on our website. Get it now!

Download Pikachu APK Download Latest Version

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Pikachu APK Latest Download, the latest version is free download for Android devices. Pikachu APK Download Latest Version is one of the most downloaded game on all platforms. Created in December 08th 2021 by Pikachu the game has been able to update and remain popular with all its players. Download the application and then install Pikachu APK Download Latest Version on your Android device. Pikachu APK Download Version Latest can be downloaded to any Android device running Android Android 5.0plus or subsequent versions.

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Download Pikachu APK Download Latest Version for Android

  1. Navigate to “Settings” and toggle on “Unknown Sources”.
  2. Download Pikachu APK Download Latest Version for Android.
  3. Click on the file you downloaded.
  4. Click to “Install” by giving all the necessary permissions.
  5. Allow the installation process to complete.


You are a fan of Movies and Series but unable to locate an online streaming platform. In which all of the new Movies as well as Series are available for streaming free. If you are an Android users download Pikachu Download and enjoy endless entertainment videos for no cost with a variety of IPTV Channels.

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