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PUBG Mobile 32bit Global Apk when they heard the news about PUBG Mobile being blocked in  as well as various social platforms. The current political tensions in the region between India and China led to this drastic, but necessary step. However, it is not a secret that the game of chess was of the main sources of entertainment in the recent past. Particularly in the context of restrictions. There are currently a lot of people are trapped in their homes due to the constant outbreak and the fact that are not allowed to go outside. Additionally, PUBG Mobile has banned for an indefinite period of time. We are here to help players!

What is pubg 1.8 32 bit


Pubg mobile Global 32 bit is Android different version this is simple less than Android 9  Android operating system providing multiple different version 32 bit is is support less than Android 8

Benefits of Pubg 32 bit 1.8

32 bit is virgin because this is especially developed lowest version do you know 32 bit is play smooth game experience best graphics specially designed less that Android 9

PUBG Mobile 1.8.0 APK 32 bit

the PUBG Mobile apps 1.8.0 has finally arrived in the global version, and players are extremely thrilled to play the brand new game modes and map. In addition, it appears to be one of the most awaited BETA updates. It was available globally for both Android as well as iOS. We have provided you with versions i.e. 32 bit and 64 bit versions that comes with the the PUBG Mobile Global APK. You can download both versions that includes 32 bit as well as 64 bit both.

What’s new in PUBG Global APK 1.8.0 Update :

Royale Pass Month 7: Project T ( From Playstore)

New Ocean Themed Sets – The Biggest Update in RP History

1. The site is updated monthly.
2. The maximum rank has been reduced by 50 from 100. The cost has been reduced between 600 and 360.
3. Get a 60-UC Voucher on the first day RP M goes live.
4. Earn rank rewards and get the 60 UC Voucher for free and use it to purchase 300 UC.

A Mission-Ignition Gaming Mode Play with the latest technology in Erangel and new strategies!

 PUBG Mobile Global 1.8.0 (32bit and 64bit)version?

Flora Menace Game Mode 

1. Rejuvenation Barrier: This is the main part that makes up the Yarilo will appear randomly and allow nearby players to replenish their health.
2. Cell Matrix: Take on the ship to experience thrilling firefights that are exciting with random weapons and Respawns!
3. DynaHex Supplies: Spend Nacore Chips to get DynaHex Supplies.

Reunion: Classics Encore

1. Metro Royale: Reunion
2. Titans: Last Stand
Keep an eye out for updates on other models and maps such as Vikendi and Payload 2.0 as well as Vikendi!

Free Download PUBG Mobile 1.8.0 (32bit and 64bit) APK + OBB

The game might also be banned in certain areas but that doesn’t stop anyone from downloading the latest and thrilling PUBG Mobile version 10! In case, for a number of reasons, your device doesn’t work with your device , or you’re not able to download the game because the Play Store listing is gone completely, you can still download the game through Google servers. The next APK Downloader will generate the latest 32 – and 64-bit APK and OBB files for the latest mobile PUBG APK 1.8.0 version. Additionally, you’ll be able to select the operating system and device to download the most recent version.

PUBG Mobile Global 1.8.0 Special Features

  • Graphics with superior quality

At the ceremony, the corporation added that the new version will improve graphics, enhance the experience and give it a more realistic feel. This means that you’ll be able to see more enhancements in the environments, characters and gunfights. The interaction with explosions of air, smoke flashes and scopes also have received visual improvements.

Similar to parachuting, actions such as jumping throwing sprites, parachuting, and sprinting are all optimized, as well. The models, lighting systems, along with texture’s quality, are upgraded to provide more realistic.

The company said that the update will allow for a better game experience to be played on middle. The devices that are low-end will increase 30 percent of FPS and as high as 76% in terms of delay reduction.

  • 90Hz mode available to all

The 90Hz mode feature is only available for the compatible OnePlus smartphones. But, with the version 1.8.0 upgrade, the company could extend the experience to other users and announced that the mode is set be made accessible to all players running high refresh rates on their smartphones. It’s not just about expanding the most graphic settings to many more phones.

  • New User Interface

While the graphics for sports are scheduled to undergo a major overhaul, the company will unveil a new design (UI). The new UI will be divided into three categories that include social, game and store, allowing users to express a specific thought the location of players at any given point in your time.

The user interface of the PUBG Mobile Apk can make user’s experience much more smooth as players can move across various areas with one click. Additionally but you’ll also experience more customizations in which you can change around, adding and removing UI elements that will give it more individual experience.

James Yang, the director of PUBG Mobile Esports, also spoke about international tournaments and declared that PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) and World Championship are going to be amalgamated into PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC).

Note: If you’re using Android Version below 10 then install the 32 bit version of the Apk on . device, or install 64 bit version if you have Android 10 or above]


There’s no doubt the fact that PUBG Mobile Global version will provide a fantastic replacement to the version that is available worldwide for the game. It has all of the features found in the world version, plus several additional features have been added. It’s much easier to use and you don’t have to be concerned regarding being subject to the “banning process”. Cheers!

FAQ : PUBG Global 1.8.0 32 bit and 64 bit APK

Q. Is PUBG 1.8.0 available for download ?

Ans. Yes the PUBG 32bit as well as 64bit are both free to download and play on our website.

Q. Which device support PUBG Global 1.8.0 32 bit Version?

Answer. PUBG 32bit is intended for devices running an android version lower than 10.

Q. Which device support PUBG Global 1.8.0 32 bit version?

Ans. PUBG Version Global 32 Bit can be played on devices running android versions higher than 10. However, you are capable of installing 32 bits if you’re running Android version 10 or more.

Q. I’m getting error messages that the app cannot be installed. What do I do?

Ans. If you’re experiencing this error, then the apk is not compatible with your device. Install the 32 bit version PUBG Mobile APK to solve your issue. However, you will need to download an OBB file from 32 bits version.

PUBG Mobile Global 1.8.0 (32 and 64 bit) APK that includes OBB

PUBG Mobile download links for the most recent version 2021 has been provided You are able to download it without any issues. All you have to do is go through the download link , and click the download button. The download of the PUBG Mobile app will begin automatically.

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