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Pubg KR Updated at 20:00 on 7/13 (Wed.)] Phenomena confirmed after the 2.1.0 update

PUBG Korean The following phenomena have been confirmed since the Version 2.1.0 update on July 12, 2022 (Tuesday).We will investigate the relevant phenomenon. If there is any progress, we will make additional announcements from this page.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our players.

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■ Phenomena confirmed after the update

<Wednesday, July 13 20:00>

  • In Erangel (Ancient Secret: Arise), the sound of a transport plane sounds longer than before when it is revived after being killed in a royal temple.
  • When checking the preview of the firearm “AMR” with a male character in the warehouse in the lobby, the character is enlarged and not displayed normally.
  • Phenomenon that the model of the hand interferes with the firearm when checking the preview of the firearm “AMR” in the warehouse in the lobby
  • Phenomenon that the explanation of the help of voice training is not displayed normally in the training field

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<Wednesday, July 13 00:00>

  • In the firearm “AMR”, when the character posture is crouching / lying down, the center of the iron sight and the scope shifts.
  • In the firearm “Tommy Gun”, when shooting in a prone state, the barrel shakes more violently than in the normal posture.


■ Supported phenomena

<Wednesday, July 13 18:05: Correction>

  • In Erangel (Ancient Secret: Arise), when you move from the quicksand road to the royal temple with a firearm, the firearm disappears after reaching the royal temple.
  • In Playground, the phenomenon that the character gets stuck after the duel in the duel and the next player cannot enter the duel.

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<Tuesday, July 12 22:50: Correction>

  • Phenomenon that is not counted even if you complete the mission of achievement “Ancient Secret:
    • Arise”


    <Tuesday, July 12 19:40: Correction>

    • When creating a custom room using the “Custom Room Creation Card”, if you check “Use PC Custom Settings”, the following multiple phenomena will occur.
      • Phenomenon that the first phase is skipped from the time of parachute descent and starts from the second phase
      • Phenomenon that the reduction speed of the electromagnetic pulse becomes faster than usual
      • Phenomenon that the time until the next safe zone is decided becomes shorter than usual


    <Tuesday, July 12, 18:30: Correction>

    • In the event “GB Teddy Bear COLLECTION”, the phenomenon that the corresponding event is not displayed in the event center
      • Phenomenon occurrence time: July 12 (Tuesday) 17: 30 ~ 18: 30


    ■ Other adjustments

    <Wednesday, July 13 18:05>

    • Adjusted Erangel (Ancient Secret: Arise) so that the following supplies will be dropped when the guardian of the Temple of the Sanctuary is defeated.
      • 8x scope

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