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The PUBG Mobile KR is among the most played online multiplayer shooter games of the current era. The game has an Korean variation that is based on the original game. It has been optimized for low-end android phones and tablets. It’s a great game that has an amazing gameplay. It offers a wide variety of games to play, and a variety of game modes too.

Maps in pubg kr


There are five maps that play in the the classic mode of play. You can pick any map and begin playing. Erangle is among the most played maps of this game. Sanhok, Vikendi, Miramar and now Livik map, too. The maps are all amazing. Each map is unique. distinctness.

Game modes in pubg Korean

It offers a wide variety of game modes to play , such for Classic Game Mode, Arena game mood and arcade game mode. There are also various games available within these modes. War is a game you can play in arcade mode or play a death match with your team with arena modes.

Play with Friends in pubg Korean

It is easy to play this game with your pals. Join online games with your pals and play against other players from around the globe. You can put up to four players in the group and play matches with them. It’s too much fun to play games with your buddies. It’s possible to play voice chat in game. Chat with your friends and other players via this awesome feature.

Controls in pubg kr

The controls in the game can be a bit difficult since you won’t be able to comprehend everything in one go. You can alter the controls by changing the settings to provide greater experience. You can adjust the size of the buttons and alter the position that the button appears on. It also supports physical controllers.

Graphics pubg Kr

The game offers the most 3D-based graphics in a dynamic way on the mobile platforms. The graphics of this game are simply amazing and the game is extremely detailed. You can enjoy the finest gaming-quality graphics on consoles with this game.

PUBG Korean 1.7 32 bit will release updates from November 16. The server will not be taken lag for this update. Please make sure that you are updating the game in a suitable network environment and that you have enough space on your phone. The main content is as follows:


Brand new mode pubg Kr

Mirror world: 

Arrives November 16, enveloped in powerful energy. Mirror Island will descend into PUBG MOBILE as the two dimensions merge!

 PUBG kr 1.7 32 bit will release updates Korean 32 bit apk mirror world update pubg 1.7 32bit apk 

Enter the floating Mirror Island double rank and fight as the hero of the official ARCANE animated series Frome League of Legends. Transformer new in the game more interesting into Jinx, Vi, Jayce, or Caitlyn to battle the other players vs with new best weapons and skills and explore ARCANE history.

New RP Pass in kr

Royale Pass, month 5: Mirror Kingdom, from 11/19 to 12/19/19

  • Avant-garde and Lethal Creepster are coming, along with the Duty Till The End – Kar98K and Duty Till The End – MK47 trims!

How to access from official site size 690MB APK+OBB get official website size 980MB



Return of modes

  • Vikendi: arrives 11/16, supports venues and spectators
  • Metro Royale: Reunion: and the Arrives 11/22 with the new crezy Carry feature.
  • Survive Until Dawn: Arrives 11/25, available Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and supports venues and spectators.
  • Infection Mode: Arrives 11/25, available Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, but does not support theaters.
  • Payload 2.0: soon automatically Arrives 11/29, available Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays, and supports venues and spectators.
  • Runic Power: Arrives 11/30, available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, and supports venues and spectators.

The beloved modes and maps above will be back in version 1.7. Do not miss!



Combat changes

  • Rebalanced Marksman Rifles: increased damage at long in therange, increased bullet speed, increased recovery speed.
    • SLR: increased recovery speed, increased bullet speed.
    • SKS: Slightly increased recovery speed, increased ball speed.
    • Mini14: Increased damage at long range.
    • VSS: Slightly increased weapon damage.

We’ve noticed that Sniper Rifles have recently received the Cold Shoulder, and we hope you start using them more after these upgrades.

  • Rebalanced DP28: Reduced bullet speed, reduced damage at long range, reduced headshot damage.

It looks like the DP28 performed too well in-game, so we nerfed it a bit to see what happens.

  • New Transport Feature: You can now transport knocked down players and move them to another location.


Experience improvements

  • Season M6 av: Arrives 11/19 to 1/1, with a new season-exclusive currency that can be used to redeem supplies from previous seasons. Don’t miss the return of exclusive outfits from M6.

  • Improved the presentation of certain with the high graphics information during a match to make the combat screen more refreshing with clearer reminders.
  • Improved download screen, sensitivity settings screen and button settings screen to make it easier for you to configure your controls.

We are constantly working to improve your gaming experience and provide you with awesome Seasonal Rewards.

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