PUBG KR 32 BIT APK Version 1.9.0 patch notes

PUBG KR 32 BIT APK Version 1.9.0 patch notes

If you want to check the patch notes in the video, check here!




[Mode selection]

  • Reimplemented the map random matching feature
    • You can select more than one map and start matching randomly




  • Vibrant Anniversary: ​​Implemented 4th Anniversary Theme Mode
    • The mode is released by Erangel / Livik
    • In the case of Livik, there are no following elements and there is an exhibition area on the map
      • Vibrant Square
      • Vibrant camp
      • Vehicle radar


<New element>

  • Island of Origin
    • The island of origin becomes a special space, with a 4th anniversary building in the center
    • You can change the color of the building by throwing a color ball at the building.
    • Change the color of the building with four colored balls and a huge statue will appear


  • Nimbus Island
    • It is an island that floats in the air
    • You can land on the island when descending from a transport plane
    • At Nimbus Island, you can recover your health by shooting your teammates.

    • Big head
      • After landing on Nimbus Island, players will be big heads of 4 to random colors
      • You can change the color of the big head with the color change device on Nimbus Island
      • When damaged, the head grows larger, and when it faints, it floats in the air like a balloon.
      • By shooting teammates floating in the air, it is possible to recover physical strength and help.
      • Increases damage to enemies whose big head is the same color as you

    • Gold coin
      • 4 color coins on Nimbus Island
      • You can get bonus coins by collecting coins of the same color as the big head.
      • Collect coins and exchange them for supplies at the supply shop
      • Portable replenishment shop will be available for a period of time after Nimbus Island disappears


  • Vibrant Square (Erangel only)
    • There is an exhibition area with the motif of the old theme mode
    • There is a performance device in the exhibition area, and a commemorative crate will drop when activated.
    • Some theme mode exhibition areas have gimmicks where you can get special supplies

    • Commemorative crate
      • It can be obtained by activating the performance device in the exhibition area.
        • You can rarely get it from the map
      • You may be able to randomly acquire event items in CYCLE memory.

    • Mountain bike
      • Folding bike available at Vibrant Square
        • You can rarely get it from the map
      • It is foldable and can be stored in a backpack.


  • Vibrant Camp (Erangel only)
    • There is an exhibition area as well as Vibrant Square


  • Vehicle radar (Erangel only)
    • Scan near the radar device to display nearby vehicles on a minimap
    • There is also a “base” in some places
    • There is an illustration written by the player around the base to commemorate the 4th anniversary.


<Mode overview>

  • Period: March 17, 2022 (Thursday) After update-May 11 (Wednesday) 8:59
  • Viewpoint: TPP / FPP
  • Map: Erangel / Livik



  • Aftermath of Crisis: Map adjustments and improvements
    • Firearm
      • Improved shotgun (SG) to reduce screen shake after shooting
    • Aim
      • Improved the aiming effect of some scopes
    • Zip line
      • I changed the model and changed it to a simple design
      • Improved the movement when using it more realistically
    • others
      • Improved to make the operation on low spec terminals smoother
      • Improved to make shooting with firearms smoother


  • Erangel: Added resurrection device



  • Erangel: Changed part of the map
    • Bridge leading from the main island to Sosnovka Military Base
      • Widened the road width of the bridge
      • Added a sidewalk next to the bridge
      • Adjusted the bridge shield


  • Erangel / Livik / Aftermath of Crisis: Changed the specifications of the supply shop
    • Adjusted the location of the shop
    • Increased the number of shops
    • Adjusted the price of supplies
    • Adjusted the types of supplies sold
      • Erangel: Addition of AWM, Groza, flare gun, etc.
      • Livik: Addition of AWM, AUG, etc.
      • Ghillie suits are no longer available for sale



  • Improved firearm operation
    • Made it possible to switch firearms even underwater
    • Allowed attachments to be replaced during reload



  • Character operation
    • Adjusted so that you can operate the viewpoint while pressing the jump / crouch / prone button.
    • Adjusted to automatically perform parkour if you touch the “parkour-capable shield” while tapping the [Jump] button.
    • Improved the operation of parkour to be smoother
    • Improved the parachute descent to be smoother
  • Backpack operation
    • Changed to close the bag pack when tapping the [Discard] button in the bag pack.
  • others
    • Reduced the number of times the electromagnetic pulse countdown is displayed in the safe zone
    • Improved the effect when the marker is displayed at the edge of the screen.
    • Improved the cancel operation of the “Voice Card” wheel and quick marker.



■ Team restriction function

  • Relaxed restrictions on lower ranks that can be teamed up with diamond ranks
    • Bronze ~ Platinum: There are no restrictions on team creation between applicable ranks
    • Diamond: Gold ~ Crown
    • Crown: Diamond ~ Conqueror
    • Ace and above: Crown ~ Conqueror
      • * Ace and above include Ace, Ace Master, Ace Dominator, and Conqueror.


■ CYCLE 2 Season 5 (C2S5)

  • Season schedule
    • End of C2S4: Tuesday, March 22, 2022 8:59
    • C2S5 start: March 22, 2022 (Tuesday) 11:00
  • Rank system
    • Added the number of times players have been revived to reflect the survival rate
  • Challenge points
    • Improved the chance of activating challenge points
  • Season coin exchange shop
    • Moved the shop’s season coin exchange shop to the season page
    • Exchange restrictions have been set for seasonal rewards


[Royale Pass]

  • Added preview video to Royale Pass Rank 50 rewards


■ Royale Pass Month 9: Cosmic Clash

  • Season schedule
    • End of M8 : Tuesday, March 22, 2022 8:59
    • Start of M9 : Tuesday, March 22, 2022 11:00


■ Royale Pass Month 10: Micro Battle

  • Season schedule
    • End of M9 : Wednesday, April 20, 2022 8:59
    • Start of M10 : Wednesday, April 20, 2022 11:00



  • Playground has been renewed
    • Expanded map size
    • vehicle
      • Added motor glider
      • Adjusted so that the vehicle is not destroyed
      • Automatically respawns when the vehicle is left unattended outside the parking lot
    • Shooting training
      • Improved so that it is not disturbed by other players during training
    • Battle function
      • “Race” was added



  • Operation settings
    • Added “horizontal slide acceleration” function to advanced operation
      • It is a function that changes the turning distance of the camera depending on the speed of sliding the screen left and right.
  • Sensitivity setting
    • Improved UI for cloud storage and cloud settings search
  • Sound settings
    • Added “Playgound Sound Settings”
      • You can now adjust the shooting sound of other players in Playgound



  • “Notice of Clan” was added.
    • You can notify the clan chat
    • Only the captain and deputy captain can edit
  • Added bulk receipt to Clan Bonus
  • Improved the UI of the main page



  • Added new achievements
    • Limited achievements
      • 1 type added (new mode related)


[All-Talent Championship]

  • A new season begins
    • Application start date: March 28, 2022 (Monday) 9:00
  • Added the ability to pre-book notifications when the All-Talent Championship will be held.



  • Reliability system
    • Increased team kill penalty
    • Adjusted to give a private space gift to players who maintain 100 reliability for a long time
  • Countermeasures against fraudulent tools
    • Enhanced anti-cheat for rogue tools to see through obstacles on the map
      • It will be applied in stages from some modes



  • lobby
    • Improved the production of character shadows
  • Result screen
    • A growth mission has been added to the mission display on the result screen.
  • sound
    • Added Dolby Atmos Mobile
      • The direction of gunshots and footsteps can be recognized more accurately, and the sound quality has also improved.
  • skin
    • Improved so that up to 3 types of vehicle skins can be set for each vehicle.
  • others
    • Improved stability with a frame rate of 90 FPS on some devices
    • Added resource organization function
      • If there is not enough space on the terminal, we will guide you to organize resources.
    • Improved MVP screen and friend display screen in some modes

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