PUBG KR Version 2.0.0 patch notes

22.05.12 Notice



  • Livik: Official version
    • Added and adjusted features based on the Beta version

<New element>

  • Map renewal
    • Renewal of building models and designs in some areas
    • Due to the renewal, the names of the following places have been changed.
      • Wengen → Wheat Farm
      • Ystad → Skipverket
      • Holdus → Refinery
      • Lumber Yard → Logistikk
      • Gass → Stable
  • High tier supplies zone
    • This is the location displayed in the yellow zone on the minimap.
    • There will be plenty of supplies in the zone

  • XT upgrade box
    • Some firearms can be upgraded to improve performance
    • The acquisition route and performance are as follows
      • Supplies crate (rarely acquired)
        • AKM: Reduces recoil and increases magazine capacity
        • M416: Increases reload speed and movement speed with firearms in possession
        • M24: Increases bolt action speed and magazine capacity
      • Supply shop & supplies crate (rarely acquired)
        • P90: Improves shooting accuracy when shooting at the waist
        • Mk12: Increases effective range and damage to limbs

  • Soccer court
    • Added soccer court to Blomster
    • Score goals to earn coins that can be used at the supplies shop

  • Wild fruit
    • It is a fruit that grows outdoors on the map.
    • Eating increases boost energy

  • Red zone and volcano
    • A red zone will appear in line with the eruption of the volcano.
    • Added magma effect to the red zone explosion

<Adjustment details>

  • Supplies crate
    • Added a lot of supplies crates on the map
    • I installed a treasure map on the wall inside the building
      • By checking the treasure map, you can display the surrounding material crates on the minimap.
    • Added hidden supplies crates to Aqueduct

  • Zip line
    • Added zipline to some areas
  • Resurrection function
    • Added the function to recover 1 teammate in multiplayer (DUO / SQUAD).


  • Erangel / Miramar: New items have been added.
    • Fulton recovery machine
      • Supplies that spawn on the map.
      • By installing it, you can have it collected by a transport aircraft and move to a safe area.
      • Can be used by up to 4 people


■ Arena Training

  • Removed XT firearms


  • Adjusted the balance of the shotgun (SG)
    • Adjusted the damage multiplier
      • Head: 1.25 → 1.5
      • Limbs: 0.9 → 1.05
    • Increased damage at long distances
    • S12K: Increased the number of magazine bullets to 10
    • S1897: Improved bolt action speed
    • Sawed-off: Slightly increased damage


  • Implemented a new vehicle “UTV”
    • A four-seater vehicle that spawns on the official Livik version.


  • Parachute descent
    • Adjusted not to redisplay when refusing to follow the parachute descent
    • Adjusted the minimap to display an icon when an enemy lands near you with a parachute descent.
  • Sprint
    • Improved to make the operation to the sprint state smoother
  • marker
    • Supplies shops, communication towers, and ziplines have been added as coverage.
    • Enemy marks on quick markers can now be used across obstructions
  • Message in match
    • Improved message display such as kill log
    • Improved transparency of some messages
    • Enlarged the chat field in the match
    • Improved to display the message with the new mark at the top
  • Mission
    •  Some missions can now be seen from the minimap during a match
      • Only displayed on CLASSIC maps (RANKED / UNRANKED)
      • Many missions will be supported in the future
  •  others
    • Improved the size of the fan-shaped throwing button for throwing objects
    • Added the ability to show / hide icons on the bag
    • Unified spray button and emote button
      • Increased the number of types of emotes that can be brought into a match up to 12
    • Added video production before entering the match


  • Added soccer court
  • Added an escort machine near the Ferris wheel


■ Restriction function for team creation

From April 29th (Friday), we have been conducting an extraordinary test of “Restrictions on Team Creation”, and the restrictions have been relaxed. The following specifications will continue even after the update.

  • Relaxed restrictions on the ranks of RANKED teams
    • Team possible rank
      • For bronze and silver: Bronze ~ Platinum
      • For Gold and Platinum: Bronze ~ Conqueror
      • Diamond ~ For the Conqueror: Gold ~ Conqueror

■ CYCLE 2 Season 6 (C2S6)

  • Reduced the sub-rank levels of Bronze Rank and Silver Rank
    • Bronze: 3 levels
    • Silver: 4 levels
  • Season schedule
    • End of C2S5: Thursday, May 19, 2022 8:59
    • C2S6 Start: May 19, 2022 (Thursday) 11:00

[Royale Pass]

■ Royale Pass Month 11: Hidden Hunters

  • Season schedule
    • End of M10: Thursday, May 19, 2022 8:59
    • M11 start: May 19, 2022 (Thursday) 11:00

■ Royale Pass Month 12: Toy World

  • Season schedule
    • End of M11: Saturday, June 18, 2022 8:59
    • M12 start: Saturday, June 18, 2022 11:00


  • Vibration system
    • It is a function that conveys the character’s footsteps, gunshots, vehicle running sounds, etc. by vibrating the terminal.
    • The range that can be set varies depending on the specifications of the terminal.

  • Button layout setting
    • Improved the UI of vehicle button layout
    • Made it possible to customize different button arrangements for basic vehicles and flying vehicles.
  • others
    • Unified graphics, effects and sounds to graphic settings


  • Added team practice to clan missions
    • You can get rewards when you play with clan members
  • Adjusted to automatically transfer authority to members if the captain or deputy captain is absent for a long period of 30 days or more
  • Improved the UI of the clan page


  • Improved system mail
    • Improved UI
    • Unified receipt and batch read
    • Added a thank-you function when receiving a gift from a friend


  • Adjusted friend status
    • I subdivided my condition
      1. Team creation
      2. Feeling
      3. Under import
      4. Special moment
    • If you have set your friend status to “Create Team”, it will automatically approve team invitations from your friends.

[Event Center]

  • Added a show / hide switch button to show / hide completed events


  • Added new achievements
    • Normal performance: 1 type
    • Limited achievements: 1 type (related to new mode)

[All-Talent Championship]

  • A new season begins
    • Application start date: May 23, 2022 (Monday) 9:00
  • Added the function to allow automatic joining to the crew.
    • If you allow the feature, you can join the crew without the approval of the crew leader.
  • Added quick match function for crew joining
    • You can join a crew of less than 4 from the crew recommendations page


  • Reliability system
    • Reduces confidence in RANKED multiplayer for players who leave the team for the first time during the waiting phase of the starting island.
  • WAR MIST (Clairvoyance measures)
    • New anti-cheat can almost eradicate fluoroscopy tools


  • Escort machine
    • A helicopter that flies with you near a transport plane
    • Players setting transport aircraft skins can:
      1. Players with the highest RP rank can fly escorts on the starting island
      2. An escort machine will be produced in the background of the lobby
      3. You can set it in a private space and display it.

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